Radflo Suspension Technology is a manufacturer of high performance custom OE and universal length shock absorbers. Their corporate office and manufacturing plant is located in Southern California and services clients locally and internationally. Radflo specializes in OE replacement applications, shock absorbers and dampers for military vehicles, pickup trucks, SUV, and motorsport industries.

The company began in the 1980s in South Africa, and was spearheaded by two brothers, Glenn and Warren Classen. Radflo’s reputation for versatility and effectiveness quickly transcended the motorsport industry. In 1994, the South African Defense Force turned to Radflo when it needed a dependable steering damper for its infamous Ratel, a ferocious 19-ton infantry fighting vehicle. This led to other industrial projects, including specialized damping units for the mining industry and custom private label relationships within high line OE distributors nationally.

By focusing their knowledge and experience on custom valving solutions, and providing style and agility with client requests, the brothers quickly established Radflo shock absorbers as the performance benchmark for all forms of competition. Radflo’s product base is known as “The Choice of Champions!”.

Off-road trucks, buggies, production cars, open wheel Formula Vee racers, and even motorcycles were winning races with Radflo shock applications. The world’s leading vehicle manufacturers were also paying attention, as Nissan chose to equip their support vehicles with Radflo shocks for the trans-Africa Dakar Rally in 2003 and 2004.

Radflo Suspension Technology remains true to its original vision. This unrelenting attitude and top tier client services ensures the company will continue to provide racers and enthusiasts with superior products and unrivaled support at the best possible price.