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Product availability may vary, and some items may be on backorder from the manufacturer. You can contact us via the Contact Page or email us at
Product availability may vary, and some items may be on backorder from the manufacturer. You can contact us via the Contact Page or email us at




This tax policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for collecting, reporting, and remitting taxes for our e-commerce online retail store. It is important to comply with all applicable tax laws and regulations to ensure transparency and legality in our business operations.

Sales Tax Collection
  1. We will collect sales tax from customers based on their shipping address or the location where the product is being delivered.
  2. The sales tax rate will be determined by the applicable state, county, and local tax jurisdictions.
  3. Our e-commerce platform will automatically calculate and add the appropriate sales tax amount to the customer's order during the checkout process.
Nexus Determination
  1. We will regularly review and monitor the states where we have a physical presence or meet the economic nexus thresholds.
  2. If we meet the criteria for establishing nexus in a particular state, we will register for sales tax purposes in that state.
Reporting and Remittance
  1. We will maintain accurate records of all sales transactions, including the amount of sales tax collected.
  2. Sales tax reports will be generated on a regular basis, ensuring compliance with the reporting requirements of each tax jurisdiction.
  3. Sales tax collected will be remitted to the respective tax authorities within the specified timeframes set by each jurisdiction.
  4. We will keep track of any changes in tax rates or regulations and update our systems accordingly to ensure accurate reporting and remittance.
Exemptions Certificates
  1. Customers who are eligible for sales tax exemptions must provide valid exemption certificates before placing an order.
  2. We will maintain copies of all exemption certificates for auditing purposes.
Customer Communication
  1. We will clearly communicate the sales tax collection policy to our customers through our website, terms of service, and checkout process.
  2. Any changes to the tax policy will be promptly communicated to customers through email or other appropriate channels.
Compliance and Audit
  1. We will regularly review our tax processes and procedures to ensure compliance with all applicable tax laws and regulations.
  2. In the event of a tax audit, we will cooperate fully with the tax authorities and provide all necessary documentation and information.

Adhering to this tax policy will help us maintain transparency, comply with tax laws, and build trust with our customers. It is essential to regularly review and update this policy to reflect any changes in tax regulations or business operations.

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