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Product availability may vary, and some items may be on backorder from the manufacturer. You can contact us via the Contact Page or email us at
Product availability may vary, and some items may be on backorder from the manufacturer. You can contact us via the Contact Page or email us at


2007-2009 Nissan 350Z [Z33] Supercharger - Tuner Kit [Polished] 407750TP

SKU: 407750TP

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Product Features

  • Tuner Kit - No Tuning Is Provided
  • Polished Vortech V-3 Supercharger Unit
  • Air/Water Intercooled
  • Tuner Cable NOT Included


STILLEN VQ35HR Supercharger Kit for the 2007-09 Nissan 350Z - Polished


  • Increase Horsepower & Torque to 450HP (Flywheel) Level - Typically 360WHP (Range 360-410WHP Depending*)
  • Includes Tune File, DOES NOT INCLUDE Tuner Cable, ideal for those who already have a cable
  • Air-water intercooler chills air charge at engine entry point
  • FITS UNDER STOCK HOOD! No Hood Replacement Required
  • Front-mounted compact heat exchanger maximizes cool air flow
  • Typically Installs in Approximately 12 Hours for Most Techs*

Looking to extract more horsepower and torque from your 350Z? How does around 450HP at the crank grab you?
Add a dose of torque, better-than-stock heat management and airflow, 50 state emissions compliance and near stock fuel economy at low RPM. Now you've got the formula for superchargers done the STILLEN way. Continuing with the success of the STILLEN supercharger system for the Nissan VQ35DE (350Z), STILLEN is proud to offer the VQ35HR dual throttle body 350Z supercharger kit. The VQ35HR Supercharger shares most of the same components found in the VQ37 kit, and designed as a direct bolt-on to the 3.5L VQ35HR.

We're talking driveable horsepower too, suitable for daily drivers, canyon carvers and track days.

What does 'driveable' mean?

Take an unsuspecting passenger for a low RPM cruise around town in your STILLEN supercharged Nissan 350Z. Keep a light touch on the gas pedal and they might be fooled into thinking there's a bone stock motor under the hood.

They won't suspect a thing....until you hit the town limit sign and crack the throttle wide open.

Scenery gets blurry-in-a-hurry as the centrifugal Vortech blower spins up to hyperspeed with a telltale hiss. The STILLEN designed and built intake manifold sucks in cubic yards of cool air. The remapped ECU fuel management module jacks the boosted fuel pump to inject the precise amount of high octane cocktail into the maelstrom.

Your right foot is orchestrating a symphony of controlled violence that delivers a linear, bottomless powerband. If you can peel your head off the headrest to sneak a glance at your passenger you'll see instant enlightenment and heavy G's at work.


You might think it all sounds like witchcraft. But there are no spells and potions involved in creating this enhanced driving experience. Designing this supercharger system for the 370Z involved precision engineering and innovative problem solving - a STILLEN specialty!

Much of the year-long development and testing process surrounded the ECU fuel management settings. STILLEN engineers remapped the ECU fuel management settings for the supercharger system to manage the improved airflow, operating temps and huge power gains.

The complete supercharger kit includes larger injectors and a new fuel pump to match the remapped factory ECU.


By redesigning the intake manifold we were able to incorporate the intercooler inside the manifold, thus allowing us to cool the air charge immediately before the air enters the engine. Additionally, the front mounted heat exchanger does not block the airflow supplying cool air to other vital coolers such as the radiator, engine oil cooler, transmission cooler, power steering cooler or the A/C condenser. Because water is 4 times more efficient at dissipating heat than air, we are able to utilize a more compact heat exchanger to cool the water.

The V-3 features a self-contained oiling system and quiet V-belt design, with plenty of additional boost capability for those wanting even more power down the road.

STILLEN took extreme care in designing this system, ensuring that all additional coolers (oil, transmission, power steering, etc) would work with the intercooler system, as the Nissan VQ37 engine is prone to high oil temperatures unless properly cooled.

At all levels of development the system was tested, both for street drivability and reliability under normal traffic and freeway conditions. Stillen drivers flogged the test car at El Toro Air Base, with repeated 140+ mph runs and hard driving on tight courses with excessive revving and redlining. Testing included extensive monitoring of all pertinent air and fluid temperatures.


To tune these supercharger systems STILLEN works with UPRev software. This software requires a license and a cable to load the tune into the vehicleäó»s ECU. The With Cable option is designed for customers who may not live near an UPrev certified tuner or for a dealership who is completing the installation. This is also a great solution for the DIY guy looking to install the kit in his garage.


The äóìwithout cableäó� option is supplied with all of the hardware and the tune. This solution is good for someone who is working with an UPrev pro tuner that already has the licenses and loading cable in their facility. This way you donäó»t need to pay extra for something you might already have access to. Either way, the tune is the same.


One of the hallmarks of a STILLEN supercharger is ease of installation. Much of the assembly of the kit is completed here at STILLEN before we pack and ship your supercharger. The main supercharger unit is pre-assembled to the laser-cut billet aluminum mounting brackets. Installation is very straight forward, including detailed step-by-step instructions. Typical install time for a competent shop is 12 hours.



*Individual results will vary depending on baseline condition of the stock engine, type of dynamometer used, temperature, elevation, fuel and various other factors. Typical results are around 400WHP (wheel) at under 500' elevation and below 75 degrees F. Average Output ranges from 380WHP - 450WHP depending on level of modification, age/engine health, elevation/sea level and the weather that particular day.

STILLEN is proud to offer our exclusive supercharger kit for the VQ35HR Nissan 350Z. Get yours today!

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