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Product availability may vary, and some items may be on backorder from the manufacturer. You can contact us via the Contact Page or email us at
Product availability may vary, and some items may be on backorder from the manufacturer. You can contact us via the Contact Page or email us at


G35 3.5-3.7L Engine(assembled shortblock w/Eagle,Weisco)

SKU: SFR-G353537Engine

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Original price $4,499.99
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Current price $3,499.99

The SFR short blocks are short blocks only. They do not come with heads, cams, oil pan, oil pick-up, waterpump, chains, rollers, tensioners or timing covers! Please specify which year engine you have so we can get you the right block(unless you supply us with a core). Failure to do so will leave you with a block that is not correct for your application and there is no returns!

Our core policy on short blocks is: We must receive a good condition short-block. If there is any damage to the block/girdle, crank or piston squirters your core charge will not be returned. We have the right to determine what would be considered "good condition".if you are unsure of what condition your motor is then we would suggest paying the core charge and allowing us to source the parts.In order to run safely past 400-450WHP, an upgraded bottom-end with forged internals is a must.Y. ou get your choice of compression ratios ranging from 8.6,9.2,10.5 or 11.5 to 1 depending on whether or not you are going forced induction or keeping it all motor. Of course we can sell just the rods and pistons for a competitive price for those that want to take on this task on their own.

Each motor comes with new ACL Race main and rod bearings, pistons and rods, seals, gaskets, etc.  After this we check our main and rod bearing clearances with a bore gauge and micrometer (plastigauge is very inaccurate which is why we do not use it) to get the appropriate clearances which will ultimately lead to prolonged engine life.  Every block has its deck surfaced to ensure straightness.Each block is bored and honed with a deck plate to exacting specifications to provide the correct piston to cylinder wall clearance.  Then all of the pistons rings are file fit to each cylinder to provide the correct ring endgaps which allows you to make more power with less leakdown.  The motor is finally assembled and torqued down to factory specifications. We then check the crankshaft endplay and rod side clearance to make sure they are in spec.A stock sleeved block is good to about 700 horsepower. A Darton sleeved block is good for over 1000 horsepower.

 Please call (619-324-3176) or email ( us to discuss the details.

NOTE:  Final shipping cost will be determined and communicated prior to payment is completely processed.

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